Bruxism Night Guard

“Many people have probably experienced some jaw pain (or bruxism) at some point in their lives.This can happen while you are sleeping or even unconsciously while you are awake. The problem is that grinding the teeth excessively can lead to extensive wear on the teeth and also cause tight jaw muscles.”


One way to remedy this problem is by the use of nightguards which can help relax the jaw and prevent the teeth from grinding while you sleep. The problem with nocturnal grinding is that you are unaware of it when it occurs. Oftentimes, many people experience no pain at all and the first time they are made aware of the damage caused by it when their dentist points out the wear to their teeth.

At Colorado Center for Dental Excellence, we offer a wide selection of custom night guards which are designed to fit your mouth. If you believe that you may be grinding your teeth, then getting fitted with a night guard can be a wise investment since it will save you thousands of dollars later on. Excessive wear on the teeth can lead to very expensive procedures such as crowns.

Sport Mouthguard: Like the night guard, the sport mouthguard should also be considered if you participate in contact sports or in activities where you are likely to encounter hard surfaces. By protecting your teeth from trauma, you can reduce the likelihood that you will need to have expensive procedures (such as implants). If you are considering a mouthguard, it is extremely important that you buy one which is custom fitted for you and your mouth. This is the best was to guarantee that you will have the highest level of protection against injury possible.

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