“Our goal is to give you the best treatment possible! If you are missing teeth, dental implants are frequently the best way to give you back your entire smile. Dental implants are supported by bone, giving your new teeth the strength for you to enjoy the foods you love.”

Dental Implants create a strong foundation for supporting a crown ( to replace one tooth), bridges ( to replace multiple teeth), or for stabilizing an existing denture.

Dental implants are made out of Titanium, which will osteointegrate with jaw bone. Osteointegration is the bony healing process where the bone grows direct contact witht he implant. Many factors determine the time and the probability of the implant integrating. For this reason, Dr. Messer will carefully evaluate your medical history and dental health to make sure implants are right for you. In ideal candidates, the osteotinegration success rate is 98%, making implant placement a very predictable and successful treatment.

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