Professional Dental Cleanings

“Professional cleanings (dental prophylaxis) performed by our licensed Dental Hygienist form the foundation for preventing gum disease and tooth decay. We offer a variety of cleanings depending upon your oral health prophy (routine cleaning), laser therapy, debridement, scaling and root planings.”


Debridement is usually the first phase of comprehensive periodontal treatment. A debridement is the removal of excessive amounts of plaque and tarter. After a debridement a re-evaluation of your teeth will determine what type of treatment is necessary.

Periodontal disease is a serious bacterial infection of the bone and gums around the teeth that, left untreated, can lead to tooth loss. Periodontal disease is usually treated with scaling and root planings alone or combined with localized antibiotics and laser therapy.

  • Scaling and root planings are done to remove tarter and calculus, caused by bacteria, around and below the gumline. A “normal” cleaning also called a “prophy” only removes the soft white plaque above the gumline.
  • Laser therapy is a pain free way to remove diseased or inflamed soft tissue below the gumline. It also sterilizes the area to help improve the success of treatment.

Regular professional cleanings and good home care are vital to a healthy smile. They provide healthy bone and gums which give your teeth a strong foundation.

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